Sunday, 24 April 2016

Another reset point.

Dear avid fans.

For quite some time now, something has been troubling me to the extent that I have been very unhappy.
It has not only affected the quality and content of my posts, but the frequency of them too.

This has however been resolved and I hope to post a little more often from now on. Perhaps even with interesting subject matter.

Anyway, it will no doubt be subject to my daily ability with regards to my brain fuzz level, and also internet connection speeds where video content is concerned.

I am hoping to start my ramblings on outdoors skills, and with a bit of luck might even use video as a reference tool where appropriate.
I am also thinking of regular posts about my thoughts and feelings. This is quite a tricky one, as don't want to infringe on anyone else's privacy, and certainly don't want to aggravate anyone by expressing myself freely. More thought is required on this, I think.
However, the whole point is to be able to express myself freely. To off load the psychological weight that pins down my free thought.

Thanks for staying if you are a fan of old, and welcome to the twilight zone if your new to my blog.

Kind regards, Jack.

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