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A Walk to Red Tarn, 2nd February 2013.

Hi Avid fans.

My latest upload is titled "A walk to Red Tarn 2nd Feb 2013" filmed in my home county the Lake District with my trusty friends Mark and Inga, slightly long and perhaps boring in places, but worth watching the part at the Tarn as it was iced up, very windy and freezing cold.
This was filmed back in Feb 2013, a month before my brain haemorrhage so it's by no means new but I have only just got round to finishing the edit.

The trip was kind of unplanned really.
As I remember, we sort of agreed early on in the week to go and do something on the week end but had no real thoughts on where or what it might be.
I had been hankering to have a walk up Hellvellyn  again for some time and so the idea of a trip to the Tarn formed with the sneaky hope that when we arrived at the Tarn the weather would be favourable and the company would still be feeling energetic enough to make it to the top.
After planting the seed with my friends and digging out the relevant laminated section of OS map from the stash that seems to breed from my printer, it was only a matter of selecting some items from my outdoors gear (a large pile of that also seems to breed on its own) and by the week end we were off with a spring in our step.
The walk up was at a steady pace with lots of breaks to take in the scenery, it always seems to have a unique feel to it as the weather is always changing and I can't think of ever making the trip twice with exactly the same conditions.
We arrived at the Tarn to be confronted with a scene of such splendour, a vista beyond my hopes and one that was truly unique as always.
The top of Hellvelyn was shrouded in cloud with mists trailing like tendrils below, ever thinning until the clarity of the frozen Tarn at its base presented itself as we approached.
Striding Edge to the left and Swirral Edge to the right of the summit, fell down to our sides swooping round us with capping's of snow and ice as if to embrace us into the frozen heart of the mountain.
The Tarn's water had frozen solid only to be broken into small bergs by the winds and refrozen multiple times, like the ice floes of the arctic, the waters were a jumble of ice blocks at random angles, broken and yet blended by the still of the Tarn.
The wind blew a razor sharp edge into my exposed flesh and sank deep as I stood transfixed for a moment in awe at the scene before me.
I'm sure I was not alone in the appreciation of what lay before our eyes.
The wind tore at our clothes as we searched for a rock to shelter behind and having chosen a suitably sized one with appropriate orientation to the onslaught, we hunkered down to eat our rations and top up on energy.
My fill consisted of a 500g block of Marzipan, a Snickers that due to the cold seemed as solid as a bar of steel and about half a litre of ice cold water from my old 58patt issue water bottle.
As cold as it was I could have stayed there all day in the biting wind taking it all in.
Indeed, I was a little disappointed that no attempt would be made up Striding Edge to the summit, but sane decisions must always be made in such weather and although I longed to fulfil my secret desire to stand at the familiar trig point at the top, I knew it would be folly to attempt it without an ice axe, crampons, ropes and partners experienced  in such endeavours, not to mention the list of other equipment sat at home that should be included for such an attempt in these conditions.
Sanity kept my feet firmly on the ground and after taking some photos we turned and started the walk down, I never mentioned my secret desire.
The descent as always seemed to pass faster then the trip up and as always my knees waited for this point in the trip to play up, heating up like the radiators in a lottery winning pensioners house and with every jarring step a hot poker stabbed through them, but turning off the pain in my mind we talked and joked most of the way in high spirits.
Mark true to form decided to do a close inspection of the path just before reaching the road "he does all his own stunts" and as is the rule, both myself and Inga just took the piss out of him.

Both Mark and Inga did well considering the conditions and terrain and are great friends.

I'm sure they both enjoyed our day as much as I did and I hope you enjoy watching the video of it too, thanks.


  1. Ahhh! Your trusted friends did so well on this walk, in the icy wind - I hate to think what the wind chill actually was! I don't think I would have been so brave to soldier on as they did and keep up with your pace (secretly I'm glad I missed this one haha), which is killing to say the least lol!! Personally I think this video is excellent...but then I am biased :) Your loving wife always and forever

  2. Ooooh I have an anonymous wife lol


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