Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Typical day out with the Canoe.

Hi avid fans.

Its about time I caught up with this blogging lark so here's an example of a typical day out with the canoe.

The date, 24th April 2011.
Location, Ullswater.

Usually for a weekend afternoons adventure with my Canadian canoe nothing is planed.
Its just a case of looking out of the window in the morning and deciding its nice weather for a paddle. Very technical eh!

On deciding to go and play the canoe gets strapped to the roof of the Range Rover, A flask and some grub gets thrown together, food's put in the water tight barrel with the screw lid and the usual first aid kit, paddles, float coats, throw line, picnic blanket and change of clothes is thrown in the boot.
Also there is the yellow waterproof box containing stuff like a compass, mobile phone, roll ups and other oddments.

The drive to Ullswater takes about forty minutes. Once there, I look for a suitable parking spot in one of the many lakeside laybys.
The canoe gets ported down to the water through the trees and left by the waters edge while the other bits get brought down, then its just a case of locking the doors, stepping into the canoe and shoving off.

No particular plan is followed, its more fun just following your nose on days like this.

After paddling along for a while exploring the lake shore a suitable spot for a picnic is chosen, and usually followed by a chill out in the sun.
There are lots of small bays and beaches along the shores of Ullswater, quite a few of them are inaccessible except from the water so finding a secluded spot is much easier with a canoe.

Sometimes its simply a case of staying in the canoe while floating in the middle of the lake or tying up to a rocky outcrop with almost sheer rock along side.
It all depends on the mood really.

Paddling along and taking in the scenery surrounding Ullswater will never bore me, its my favourite lake and I now know it quite well.
There are also some small islands at the south end of the lake and although quite small and barren, still worth taking a look at.

Paddling back to where the Raingy is parked always seams to come far to soon but at least its not long before the next day off comes around and living so close to this beautiful lake is a real treat I will always appreciate.

An hour later its canoe off the roof, washing in the machine, hot shower and see whats on telly.

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