Sunday, 24 July 2011


Hi avid fans.

I must apologise for not posting for such a long time.

Starting a new life up here in Cumbria has been hard and has taken a lot of my time up, but now I'm finding a balance finally.
Having restructured my priority's and commitments now that I am established up here, I can now find the time to do the things I enjoy and one of them is posting on my blog.

My web site is one of the trimmed off items, but I'm planning to incorporate some of the content on here so although it may be gone its content will not be lost.

The music player I had running on here has been trimmed off too as it was a pain to keep updating and to be honest I doubt if you liked my choice of music anyway.

So, the future holds some kit reviews as previously planned along with regular posts on my outdoor forays. more photos an video. And at some stage I will be posting a thread on something I'm sure will drop some jaws,,,,,,,

All in all life is sorted and I'm back on the Blog so keep your eyes pealed.