Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Average British Soldier

Avid fans.

I had to post this video on my blog.
Its a touching video, it found the place in my heart where my real mates are.
Some still here, some gone, but never forgotten.
Its funny, when you find something in life that your good at, you always gravitate back to it. Even to the detriment of your mental health.
Be it taking the Queens shilling or as a private contractor.

One thing though, no matter how many videos like this are made, if your a Civvy you will never truly understand.

Thank you.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Red Tarn wild camp

Hi avid fans.
Again sorry for the long delay in posts but its so good being in Cumbria, I find there's so much more to do than write blogs, but I will make a concerted effort to write more about my jollys in the fresh Cumbrian air from now on.

Friday, July 23rd, early afternoon, at home.
Karen was wondering what we were going to do for the week end, I had a real fast think and before you could say (jolly) we were chucking things in the motor and heading down the road.

We arrived at Glenridding's Gillside camp site early evening an set up the tent.
The plan was to set off in the morning for Red Tarn at the foot of Helvellyn and camp over night at the Tarn, If the weather held we would do Striding edge on the way up to the top of Helvellyn and Swirral edge on the way down to the tarn, If it didn't then we would just camp an chill.

Saturday, July 24th, mid morning, we set off at a leisurely pace, taking our time to chat to the sheep and each other while enjoying the scenery. It soon became apparent that the weather was not going to play ball and it got quite damp as the cloud base fell around us and blotted out the sun light, the wind picked up and it rained horizontally for a while but by late afternoon it was a tranquil soup of white that wrapped us like a cloak.

We decided that the summit of Helvellyn would bless us with a view of our hands in front of our faces at best so Pitching at the Tarn it was.
The tent went up lickety split and we got in and brewed up, then pondered what to do next.
It was a easy decision, we got our sleeping bags out.

I woke and it was dark, very still, and I was hungry.
I woke Karen and we sat in the silence for a moment, still like the back side of the moon with a dark shroud of cloud all around us, My stomach growled again, we needed to eat.
I made a pasta stroganof ala corned beef special and we sat an ate our fill contented with our canvas home in the hills.
A few gallons of Tea later and we went to sleep again, and sleep we did, like the dead until about ten am the next morning.

Sunday, July 25th, Mid morning again, The cloud sat low over the Tarn like a blanket and we broke camp.

After checking we had left no trace of our stay we had or final fag before setting off down from our nest in the clouds.

The walk down was quite pleasant and as the meters of descent fell away so the temperature went up, the sun showed its warm smile and we started to shed some layers.
Karen found her knees were playing up a bit with the weight she was carrying even though I had the bulk of the load (about 70kgs on my back) so next time I will carry her as well and we should then be fine.

Eventually we arrived back at the camp site where we started our jolly from, and as we took off our boots with a sigh of relief we were (or I was) looking forward to our next micro adventure.