Monday, 10 May 2010

My new home county.

Dear avid fans.
You will be pleased no doubt to hear that I now live in Cumbria, home of the Lake district.
Yup, that means I am no more than a stones throw from all the outdoors I can handle. So, as soon as I have my new life in order I will be posting my latest adventures in this huge playground that I now live in.

I still have lots to sort out here, but I can taste the mountains and lakes as I wake every morning, they call me from my to do list and tempt me to stray and neglect the things I must do before I can play.
But I am happy and I will soon be living an outdoor life again.

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  1. good luck in your new life in cumbria.I know you will find the happiness and peace of mind there that you have been searching for.J


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