Friday, 26 February 2010

The Mission,,,,,,

Dear avid fans.

I have come to the conclusion that money or not I just have to go on a jolly.
How will you fund it I hear you all cry in unison, Well, I have boots an a thumb, oh yes and a sense of adventure. (don't forget sense of adventure)
The plan is to get to the peak district with my 75L karrimore sabre Bergen on my back an just have fun. Simple as that really.

OK, well maybe its not but how hard can it be, thumb it there, wild camp in quiet spots, eat boiled rice using my sigg fire jet stove, take photos with my camera, and just explore a bit.

Cool, so that's that then.

I like the simple things in life and I'm not to keen on making things overly complicated, can you tell, lol.
So watch this space, photos imminent.

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