Saturday, 20 February 2010

Another day,,,,

Well avid fans,
Its been another long night again, not had any sleep, not been to bed in fact.
Just me an my trusty laptop for company, and thoughts of hills valleys forests and lakes.
Its amazing the things I look up on the net just to pass the time.
Maybe at some stage my mind will just stop, like someone flicking a switch, then I can sleep. I tell myself that It will get better and I can look forward to having a normal routine again, but with every step forward I seam to lose ground and finding my old self is like one of those things we all say we are going to do at new year but never quite manage.

Soon mate, soon.
Take one day at a time and make the most of what you have.


  1. Nice blog, Jack! You can consider me a fan as well; or maybe I have to register somewhere? I thought you had solved your insomnia problem; whatever happened to your soul mate?


  2. Dear JL not sure who you are but thanks for the complement on the blog, if you want to be a (fan) lol you can click on "follow with google friend connect" its down on the left of this page, or you can just click "subscribe by email" directly below this blog entry.
    Still not sleeping properly, in fact im worse if anything now, and my soul mate!!!! well we are all on the lerning curv of life, no hard feelings on my part though.
    JL? I cant place the initials but get the feeling you know me!!!!!
    Anyway its nice to get a little feedback, cheers.


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