Monday, 15 February 2010

2nd blog,,,,,,,,,

Dear avid fans,,,,,,,

note to self, must get fans.
No new adventures as yet I'm afraid, but loosely planing a trip as soon as funds allow.
Not sure what or where yet as I'm still toying with a few temptations. It might even involve hills or lakes.
The main thing is that I get out doors again, I have been missing the wind on my face and the fresh air in my lungs for so long now.
The past 2 years have been really hard having had my wife shack up with her boyfriend in a new house, having to rent out the family home to pay the mortgage and making myself homeless in the process just to keep things from going pop. During that time I also lost my job and have been dealing with the debts my wife left me as a surprise leaving present, but like I always say "the mission isn't over till your heart stops beating", well it looks like now the house has finally sold and we have came to some kind of agreement over money an debts, that I might actually have a little money to sort myself out with, little being the operative word there.
But I'm determined to get out and enjoy life again.

The plan is to get back into the things that don't cost much that I gave up years ago to be a good hubby an dad, stuff like walking, climbing, caving, wild camping, driving green lanes, and floating about in a Canadian canoe with a rod.
There is off course lots of other things I miss but they will have to Waite as things like skydiving, scuba diving, sailing, and comp off road driving all cost money that I just don't see myself having spare in the foreseeable future.
Well, Rome wasn't built in a day, but slowly slowly catch monkey eh!

I think the coming adventure will have to be something along the lines of a bit of walking and wild camping, maybe with a bit of bush craft thrown in just for fun, did I mention I used to teach survival skills among other things in the past? No, perhaps not but I miss the primeval joy of catching my own supper, cooking it on a fire I made myself and sleeping in a shelter made from natural resource's that's warm dry an comfy with a belly full of food. It takes me to a place where I feel in control again, you might think me mad but the cave man in me is screaming to be let out and I intend to submit to him.
Instinct is a strength we as a modern society have attempted to dilute and over ride in the name of technology and progress, but my desire to be outdoors in all weathers is burning away in me.

OK, so I have been rambling on a bit here, but its a start and I feel it helps to get it off my chest. It's also a bit of a preface to the blog that I will write in the future, even if there is nobody reading it.


  1. hi the music link!
    the outdoors was the road to moving on for me too a few years ago...i have rediscovered whats out there to see on my doorstep and further afield...writing i have found is good and lots of folk out there like to read and enjoy similar interests...each day gets stronger and easier and better...
    ive also met friends on here from all round the world now, i dont really feel alone now...
    recently a new friend from the netherlands visited...
    im 40 next year and im now looking forward to it..bring it is good again...!.bruce

  2. Cheers Bruce, if you see a wiered looking bloke tramping along the beach while out riding wave cos it might be me haha.
    Im planning to give Scotland a bit of a hammering in the next few years, always liked it and as im half jock myself it would be rude not to eh!


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